Microservices and gRPC: Use Atomix as service discovery

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gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework initiated by Google and supported by many languages and platforms (C++, Java, Go, Node, Ruby, Python and C# across Linux, Windows, and Mac). It is used by many projects (etcd/CoreOS, containerd/Docker, cockroachdb/Cockroach Labs…) and has reached a significant milestone with its 1.0 release. Used in a distributed environments where a large number of microservices are running, gRPC supports rich cloud oriented features like: – load balancing/discovery – tracing – health checking – authentication For now, gRPC supports only DNS as…read more

Deploy an application on AppFog using Cloudfoundry vmc tool or Maven plugin

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AppFog is a simple Cloud Platform for web applications. It’s built on Cloud Foundry, the Open Platform as a Service Project. Like the Cloud Foundry command-line interface (known as ‘vmc’), AppFog offers a CLI tool, ‘af’ based on CloudFoundry’s ‘vmc’ but includes features specific to AppFog and has the default target set to AppFog’s service. But if you want to use ‘vmc’ with the AppFog Service or the Cloudfoundry Maven plugin, you will be rejected when creating your application with something like: Error 701: The URIs: “your app name” have…read more